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About Compassionate Capitalism Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief is defined as the provision of essential needs to individuals, families, and communities in the immediate aftermath of an emergency. This is a critical basic human need because emergencies are more probable than not.

In sharp contrast to anything seen in developed societies, there is almost nothing like emergency relief in countless communities in the developing world. The lack of compassion in capitalism means an absence of empathy in investments, governance, and overall administration which then leaves families totally on their own when they experience sudden health or even security emergencies, communities constantly internally displaced in the event of an emergency, and a huge sense of uncertainties in societies.

Compassionate Capitalism is highly committed to emergency relief because it is a basic human need and we employ all resources incognizant with the indications of the development rankings to provide ready solutions for security, health, environmental and other forms of emergencies through knowledge and information as well as capital investments in equipment and personnel.