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Development Rankings:

In the make believe world created by Free Market Capitalism, truth is a scarce commodity, data fictitious and facts obscure. This is a major hindrance to development and increasing access to basic human needs because measurement is the first process to change.

Development Rankings is an initiative of the Compassionate Capitalism economic system and presents real life data submitted by real person surveys by certified investigative journalists working for the system across the world and through allocated job centres and jurisdictions.

Development Rankings cover the 28 basic human needs which the Compassionate Capitalism economic system is focussed on increasing access to the needs for all the inhabitants of the world according to the will of the God of Abraham. These rankings are then useful for the creation of projects to increase access, allocation of Investment Points, policy formulation by institutions and even public rally.

The Development Rankings cover the measurement of access to investments portfolio, shopping, healthcare, elderly care, education capital, justice, community development, business empowerment, periodic income, food, education, gender equality, environment, communications infrastructure, security, transportation infrastructure, electricity, information technology, government, private transportation, water, building construction, leisure and recreation, insurance, banking, credit and values.

You can view Development Rankings for your region if you are enrolled on any of the 28 Compassionate Capitalism platforms.

Development Rankings Graph for Africa (Summation of Rankings in 600 Jurisdictions and 100,000 Pan African Job Centres).